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Welcome to the Meaningful Minutes Website! We hope you'll find everything you're looking for on this website and that you'll be in touch with us soon. 

What is Meaningful Minutes?

Have you ever had the need to reach out to the community and didn't know where to start? Meaningful Minutes solves that problem. We help companies and organizations reach out to charities and make the experience as memorable as possible. We assist with:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  • School Outreaches to Charities
  • Community Service Organizing

Why do we do it?

We understand that there is a great need in our community for helping hands and loving hearts. Likewise, we know that it is a enormous challenge and time-consuming task to arrange and identify all of the aspects of a community outreach event. Since we have a passion for the community, we want to stop these factors from preventing organizations from reaching out.

What type of organizations do we work with?

We work with both profit and non-profit organizations, schools, local businesses and NPO's such as churches.

Who makes it all possible?

At Meaningful Minutes,we're fortunate enough to have the help and support of sponsors, known as the "Friends of Meaningful Minutes". Our friends help us in many ways to make every outreach projects a success. All our friends are listed in the footer of this page. If you'd like to help by becoming a friend, feel free to contact us.


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